Clyde Cessna purchased his Queen monoplane in February 1911, because of its color, he named it "Silverwing". The Silverwing was powered by a four cylinder Elbridge engine.

Clyde Cessna sent the following postcard of his Silverwing to the Elbridge factory in Rochester, NY. It was postmarked September 3, 1911, at Enid OK.

Clyde Cessna Postcard to Elbridge Engine Co.

Clyde Cessna Silverwing Postcard Front

Postcard Front

Clyde Cessna Silverwing Postcard Back

Postcard Back

Will D. Parker letter

Aviation pioneer Will D. Parker wrote the following in a 1963 letter to Carl E. DeLong, son of George E. DeLong.
"I knew Clyde Cessna quite well and his first airplane was powered with a four cylinder Elbridge two cycle engine. About 20 or 25 years ago Clyde made the great mistake of breaking up that airplane and destoying it. It was stored in his barn and he needed the room."

View the original letter.

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